My feet have taken me through roughly 6500 miles of hiking throughout the United States and now I'm sharing my journey to bring awareness to mental health through wilderness exploration. This is the meaning behind Hike the Good Hike.

Why would one travel three hours and forty five minutes to hike five miles? Especially...

by Jesse Cody on May 13, 2020

But Mama aint always right….. It’s not that easy to just pop into civilization when...

by Jesse Cody on February 27, 2020

  The Sun was lowering over my shoulder, orange reddish hue reflecting in my rearview mirror,...

by Jesse Cody on February 20, 2020

"Many people are stressed, alienated, depressed, and mentally taxed. Hike the Good Hike helps people cultivate a more positive lifestyle and mind by inspiring them to take time in nature all the while raising awareness about mental health."