My feet have carried me over roughly 7500 miles of trails throughout the United States, and now I’m sharing my journey to bring awareness to mental health through wilderness exploration.

The thought of hiking deep into the desert’s backcountry seemed magical at first, but soon enough I came to understand why so few trekked this far out. Just imagine taking on a hike where the mountains you climb have beach sands dumped across them as far as you could see....

by Jesse Cody on July 13, 2020

It’s custom to take on a trail name once you’ve earned your stripes as a thru hiker. The birthing of my name was a simple affair. You’re from Boston? Yes. Your favorite cocktail is a Moscow mule? Yes. Well there it is, you're the Boston Mule.....

by Jesse Cody on June 29, 2020

Why would one travel three hours and forty five minutes to hike five miles? Especially...

by Jesse Cody on May 13, 2020

Many people are stressed, alienated, depressed, and mentally taxed. Hike the Good Hike raises awareness about mental health and helps people cultivate a more positive mind and lifestyle by inspiring them to take time in nature.



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