Remind Yourself Everyday...

by Jesse Cody on January 07, 2019

My day usually consists of crossing two or three things off a much larger list of tasks I need to do to keep moving forward with life goals. But here’s the hitch: I always have a feeling at the end of the day that I didn’t do nearly enough to feel as though I had a fully accomplished day. Writing thoughts down as a goal or a reminder seems to be helpful, but just getting to the point of writing goals down daily becomes a task in itself. So this is a list so to speak of how I want/need to live my life.

A day in the life of getting Hike the Good Hike moving in the right direction. A day in the life of teaching myself to grow….

  • Wake up! Up by 8:30 (water, small breakfast) out of bed and moving by 9am.
  • Exercise! Start (or finish) the day by moving the feet. Outside preferred. Inside if weather hates you.
  • Listen or read something about self care. Better yourself Jesse.
  • NOCA for coffee and work. Constructive time on my computer chugging iced coffee. Checking in on sponsor contacts, creating further ideas, content improvement, merchandise and LEARNING WHAT I DON’T KNOW.
  • Check in on planning. The next hike and its needs. Where, how, logistics?? From what is in my pack to knowing where to send resupply packages. No last second stuff. Be ready!
  • Always lunch before work and always include something with greens. Stop eating like you’re always on the trail.
  • Water, water, water!!!
  • When working go into my job and be a team player. Regardless of where I’m working and what I’m doing' apply the same focus and mentality to the job. Bring the right attitude and enthusiasm to my work place that I have when working on my desired career, even more so my desired life.
  • When not working use my time. More reading and writing, less Netflix and procrastinating. Which brings me to…..
  • MORE WRITING! I have a lot to say so say it. Be real, be honest, be willing….. I talk a language so many relate to, so put it out there and get a response. Teach and learn. It's a beautiful process that makes the world go round.
  • Keep telling my story. What I’m doing, Why I’m doing. Where I hope I get by doing all of the above. Hand your card out and tell everyone to follow along. I have the ability to get people to listen. And when people are telling me their stories, be an even better listener.
  • Listen to myself. Be better at self-awareness.
  • Eat some dinner, listen to a podcast or do some breathing exercises. Open my journal and write three things I've learned about myself today and why I love myself. Try to keep the TV off and get some sleep. When I wake tomorrow, read what I wrote down about self loving and start my day with it.

Am I going to get all these things done in a day? Probably not. But I will constantly remind myself to look at my list. I'll scratch some things off and add some others that I realize I need, getting to the ones that are most important daily. Right now the most important is growth and self-awareness. I need to pay more attention to myself.

To be honest the whole reason I started hiking was because of the state I found myself in - not so much physically but more so mentally. I felt totally lost with life and even more so being afraid of where that could take me. The one thing I’ve always hung onto was knowing I had much more to gain from life than actually loose. But I still battle. There are days I still feel totally lost and I let my own personal battles get the best of me. The last couple of days have been just that. How many of you can relate to having a day that eats away at you for days afterwards?? I’ve spent this day dealing and now doing the things I need to do for some healing.

Sometimes I have to get up, write some reminders down, talk when I need to do so, grab a big cup of coffee and write. I need to be aware of what I’m writing and not fear the words that come off of my finger tips on the keys.

That's my list. My coffee is finished, but I haven’t moved my feet yet today so its time to do so. Tomorrow I'll check in on my list and cross some things off and certainly add one or 2 more.

Hike the Good Hike

Jesse (trail name TBD)

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by ruby Cacchione on August 24, 2021

Hi Jesse, met you up on the trail last weekend up in the Goat Rock Wilderness hiking in the fog. Love what you are doing for yourself and others, one breath at a time, one step at a time, until what you’re looking for finds you.

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