Sh*t Happens

by Jesse Cody on May 19, 2017

Hiker poles left on the side of the road and lost – check…

Tent poles and tent ripped by a freak gust of strong wind coming through camp – check…

Well shit does happen on the trail so what can I do other than get the hiccups under control and push on as soon as I can.

I’m currently in a holding pattern in Aqua Dulce, CA. Nice little small town with a hiker campground/home called “hiker heaven.” It’s operated by a couple with a ranch who let hikers camp out, do laundry, shower, and enjoy everything for free. How would these hikes even happen if we didn’t have these luxuries?! The beauty of it all is that the company that makes my hiker poles, Hiker Hunger, is sending me a free set. The company is a badass new hiker company based in Boston. You may remeber my mentioning them and posting a photo of the founder of the company early on in the hike. He and his girlfriend are out here as well, also thru hiking! Great people – great company…

Big Agnes hiking equipment company stepped up as well and are sending me a replacement tent asap. They give great customer service. They certainly go out of their way to take special care of us thru hikers.

Miles continue to build quickly. Even with this slowdown due to working out the equipment issues I still will (knock on wood) reach the 500 mile marker over the weekend. Gonna be a tough desert stretch the next week. Hot weather’s coming in with very little shade to protect us. The hiking should be easy, but no doubt the heat conditions will take their toll. This may be time to take on some night hiking.

I’ve been hiking with Tim and Dave for a while now. Both guys are retired servicemen and took on the PCT right after retiring. I just shake my head. Couldn’t they have gone to the beach or something?! Some people are just gluttons for punishment. These boys are great to be around. We keep each other entertained and distracted from the daily difficulties. We absolutely need that out here or our minds might dwell on the negative. We’ve hit some great peaks, rolled through some amazing landscapes, hiked through sleet, freezing rain, crazy wind and pushed through some big miles together. I’m hoping my photos can give you a glimpse into my daily sightings of amazing natural beauty. They certainly do no justice to how glorious things are out here. I’m doing my best to keep your interest 😉

I’ll keep the posts coming as much as possible. Soon enough I will write a post detailing the hikes and climbs through the challenging Sierras. I can only wonder what I’m getting myself into. If I’m gonna be nervous about negotiating that mountainous section, it’s only right I get your head spinning about that trecherous section, as well!

For now I’ll treat myself to a burger and beer and wait for my packages. Come tomorrow it’s return to the trail with my pack strapped to my back and me making my way towards still distant Canada. I’m almost to 500 miles which means I have the length of the AT to go. Horrible way to look at it 😊

Onward and upward and most certainly hike the good hike.

Keep on hiking the good hike

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