why I hike

My name is Jesse Cody, and I’m the founder/director of Hike the Good Hike. For the past year, I have been building HTGH into a brand that emphasizes how hiking and wilderness exploration can benefit mental health.

Late in 2014, after years of struggling with my own mental health issues, I was seriously contemplating suicide. Through a series of serendipitous occurrences involving Bill Bryson’s book A Walk in the Woods and a cameo by Robert Redford (long story…), I found myself on the Appalachian Trail despite the fact that I’d never pitched a tent before. It was the walk that saved my life - a 2,200 mile walk.

Hiking uplifted my spirit and convinced me that life was worth living. I was finally able to calm the voices in my head that I’d spent a lifetime battling and actually engage with them from a thoughtful and grounded place. 5 years and roughly 7,500 miles of trails later, I embrace life fully and feel deeply aligned with my purpose. Today, I am committed to sharing my journey to inspire others.

                               Jesse Cody aka Boston Mule

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